Karl W. Schmidt & Associates inc. is certified by FedEx to supply welded power conveyors.

Karl W Schmidt & Associates, inc’s Certified Welded Powered Conveyors - Wednesday May 18th 2016


Karl W. Schmidt & Associates, inc. is proud to announce the certification by FedEx to build and distribute welded power conveyors.  “Adding the FedEx partnership to our current OEM recycling and bio energy products is a perfect fit to continue our 38 year conveyance history.” said Karl Schmidt CEO.   The certification of FedEx for powered conveyors is the first step to adding other lines and products to help FedEx continue to be a leader in the shipping market.

Karl W. Schmidt has been innovating and providing equipment for the recycling and bio energy markets for 38 years.  KWS equipment can be found in 35 countries to date.  Over the last 38 years the KWS innovation can be seen in all facets of recycling equipment including its competitors.  This dedication to making the best longest lasting equipment on the market is a perfect fit with FedEx’s requirements for being a supplier in the fast paced world of shipping and transportation.  If you would like to know more about KWS equipment or manufacturing capabilites, please contact us using any one of the following methods:  sales@karlschmidt.com, 303-287-7400, or from our website http://karlschmidt.com/

Geometric Launches NESTINGWorks™ 2016 at SOLIDWORKS World

Accelerating Design and Manufacturing of Recycling Systems with NESTINGWorks and CAMWorks

Karl W. Schmidt & Associates, Inc., is a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of custom recycling systems. Through its focus on innovation, the company has grown steadily and now serves clients in more than 35 countries. In addition to supplying state-of-the-art recycling systems and equipment, Karl Schmidt Associates helps its customers operate more efficiently by providing strategic insights on recycling trends and technologies.


The recycling firm’s commitment to innovation extends to its use of advanced design and manufacturing technologies. Karl Schmidt Associates relies on the SOLIDWORKS® 3D mechanical design platform—including integrated analysis, product data management, and SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer software, and best-in-class partner solutions NESTINGWorks® and CAMWorks® software—to support system development and production.


When Karl Schmidt Associates migrated from AutoCAD® 2D tools to the SOLIDWORKS 3D design environment, the switch also created opportunities for revamping the company’s transition from design to manufacturing, according to Vice President Mike Buchli. “The move to the SOLIDWORKS platform allowed us to gain greater control over our production operation—much of which had been previously outsourced—and pursue new avenues for improving the quality of our systems while controlling costs,” Buchli explains. “The machining partners in our area generally can only handle tolerances down to 1/16 of an inch, when we need to utilize tolerances down to 1/32 of an inch or lower. As soon as one of our parts didn’t come out right, we decided to implement our own design, machining, and manufacturing capabilities.”


Karl Schmidt Associates acquired a Trumpf Model 2503 laser cutter and a CNC press brake as part of its initiative to move production in-house. The recycling system manufacturer then needed both integrated nesting and machining solutions to further automate its transition from design to manufacturing, as well as to streamline machining operations. The company evaluated available nesting and CAM solutions before choosing Geometric’s NESTINGWorks 3D nesting software to prepare designs for machining, and CAMWorks 3D CNC machining software to automate manufacturing.



“We looked at several packages—including Striker® and SigmundNest®—before choosing the combination of NESTINGWorks and CAMWorks software,” Buchli recalls. “In addition to enabling us to become more accurate and efficient in taking parts from design to production, as well as utilize tighter tolerances to boost quality, the combination of NESTINGWorks and CAMWorks software provided the tightest integration with the SOLIDWORKS design platform of any of the solutions that we evaluated. In short, NESTINGWorks and CAMWorks software provided the most value, offering the widest range of integrated solutions for the price.


“Many organizations treat nesting and CNC programming as afterthoughts,” Buchli continues. “At Karl Schmidt Associates, we have a whole group of people who know how to use SOLIDWORKS, so it just makes sense to utilize an integrated nesting solution to prepare parts for manufacturing, and an integrated machining application, to take advantage of that knowledge. NESTINGWorks helps us on the design side by enabling us to optimize designs for sheet-stock usage, and explore what-if scenarios, in addition to providing an integrated front-end for using CAMWorks software to drive our CNC laser cutter and press brake.


“Because NESTINGWorks, CAMWorks, and SOLIDWORKS software are part of a seamless, integrated development environment, we can consistently do more with less and elevate our level of accuracy and quality, which helps make us more competitive and successful,” Buchli adds.


Fast, More Accurate Nesting Leads to Better Production Results

Since implementing NESTINGWorks nesting software to prepare designs for production and CAMWorks 3D CNC machining to automate its machine shop, Karl Schmidt Associates has shortened production time while improving quality and boosting innovation at the same time. For instance, it used to take eight people to complete the laser cutting of one sheet-metal layout in a day. Now, with NESTINGWorks and CAMWorks software, two people can nest the parts to be cut and process 25 to 35 sheets of steel in a single day.


“By automating our nesting and machining operations with NESTINGWorks and CAMWorks software, we’re realizing dramatic productivity gains in design and manufacturing, reducing the resources necessary for handling various tasks,” Buchli stresses. “Our quality is also up—particularly with our snap-fits, because we’re routinely machining tolerances of 1/32 of an inch, and in many cases, 1/64 of an inch. It used to require eight people and two weeks to prepare, cut, and form metal parts for a simple conveyor. Today, we can complete the same job—nesting, machining, and forming—with two people in three days.



Maximizing Material Usage through Nesting

By leveraging NESTINGWorks software as a design tool to automate the configuration of sheet-metal nesting layouts in 3D, Karl Schmidt Associates is cutting its material costs and reducing the volume of scrap generated by 30 to 40 percent, in addition to making the transition from design to manufacturing more accurate and efficient. Because NESTINGWorks software automates the arrangement of parts to be cut from a sheet metal layout to utilize as much of the material as possible, the solution enables Karl Schmidt Associates to maximize the number and type of parts cut from each sheet of metal, thereby reducing material costs.



“The addition of NESTINGWorks and CAMWorks software has helped us automate our operations to the point at which we’re maximizing efficiency, productivity, and material usage,” Buchli notes. “At the same time, these solutions provide much greater flexibility and agility. For example, we can now model something in SOLIDWORKS, nest the parts to be cut in NESTINGWorks, generate the tool paths in CAMWorks, and machine the parts on our laser cutter—all in a single day.


Integration, Automation Boosts Competitiveness

The decision by Karl Schmidt Associates to add NESTINGWorks and CAMWorks software solutions to its integrated SOLIDWORKS development environment has helped the recycling equipment manufacturer realize the increased automation, productivity gains, cost reductions, and quality improvements that it needs to boost its competitive position and succeed in its market. The level of automation that Karl Schmidt Associates has achieved has allowed the company to cut is prices, some to as low as prices offered five years ago.


“The combination of SOLIDWORKS design, NESTINGWorks nesting, and CAMWorks machining software provides us with a real competitive advantage because we can design, lay out, and cut higher quality parts on our laser cutter in less time, while optimizing material usage,” Buchli says. “Because NESTINGWorks and CAMWORKS are integrated inside SOLIDWORKS, the time and cost savings associated with the seamless process enable us to reduce our prices significantly, which helps us win more business.”



The Client

Company: Karl W. Schmidt & Associates, Inc.

Headquarters: Commerce City, Colorado, USA

Industry: Recycling Machinery and Equipment

The Objective

Accelerate the transition from design to manufacturing—including nesting, production planning, and machining—to speed up the manufacture and delivery of customized recycling systems and equipment, while simultaneously reducing design and production costs and compressing the engineering effort required.


The Solution

Add NESTINGWorks 3D nesting software and CAMWorks 3D CNC software solutions to its integrated SOLIDWORKS design and production environment.


The Benefits

  • Shortened conveyor production time from two weeks to three days.
  • Cut scrap volume by 30 to 40 percent.
  • Reduced pricing substantially



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US: +1.480.367.0132

Europe: +49.711.49.039.730

APAC: +91.22.67056880

Email: inquiries@camworks.com


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Twin Enviro Services plans to take on greater role in recycling in Steamboat and Northwest Colorado

Steamboat Springs — Twin Enviro Services founder Les Liman confirmed this week that his company has broken ground on a new 6,000-square-foot materials recovery facility that has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of single-stream recyclables being picked up curbside in Steamboat Springs and elsewhere in Northwest Colorado.

“When you consider the carbon issue, I think we’re doing the right thing,” Liman said. “It’s a tremendous advantage for the community. We’re sending full truckloads to end users, so it doesn’t have to be handled twice.”

The facility, where recyclables will be sorted before shipping, will be available to all commercial trash haulers in Northwest Colorado.

Steamboat Today reported in late January that recyclables picked up at curbside in Steamboat Springs are shipped to one of two MRFs in Denver before moving on to end users of the materials.

Liman intends for his employees to do the sorting on an innovative circular line at the new MRF in Milner, then contract to have empty trucks, which have already delivered shipments here, to backhaul the recyclables to companies who find new uses for them.

For example, Twin Enviro’s President of Twin Landfill Corp. of Fremont County Gary Fuselier said newsprint and chip board from food cartons such as cereal boxes will go to Applegate Insulation, just a few miles from Twin Enviro’s operations near Canon City. Aluminum and steel cans will go to a factory in Pueblo, and corrugated cardboard will go to a plant north of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

//////Recycling grants/////

Twin Enviro’s new MRF, already open in Fremont County, benefited from a $250,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment’s Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Fund. Liman’s daughter, McKenzie Liman, wrote the grant application.

And the new MRF in Milner will receive a similar grant of $289,283 to cover the cost of equipment at the new facility.

Twin Enviro will match the grant with $626,841, including $450,000 for the building and an estimated $198,000 in labor to get the MRF up to speed.

Liman’s company is also in the trash hauling business. But he is quick to acknowledge he would like to have participation at the MRF from some of his largest customers who are also his competitors in the trash hauling business.

“We’d love for our Steamboat customers and (recyclables) generators to support us,” he said, adding: “We’d like, and expect to have more participation.”

Steve Weinland, owner of Aces High Services in Steamboat, is one of those competing customers. He supports the idea of having a MRF here and wrote a letter of support for the grant. However, his decision about whether to suspend his own trucking of recyclables to Alpine Waste, an MRF in Denver, will depend upon the fees Twin Enviro charges in Milner.

“It makes economic sense to me, and I’m not crazy about driving trucks to Denver,” Weinland said. “If he will charge me somewhere close to what it costs me to take it to Denver, I’d rather take it to him. If there’s a big price difference, I’ll continue to take it to Denver.”

The dominant trash hauler here, and consequently, the biggest handler of single-stream recyclables, is Waste Management. The company bales the materials at its yard in Steamboat and trucks them 160 miles to its own MRF in Denver. Waste Management told Steamboat Today it collected and baled 3,300 tons of recyclables in Steamboat in 2013. But the economics of recycling are daunting, even without the expense of hauling materials to Denver from a remote location such as Steamboat.

Jennifer N. Rivera, communications manager for Waste Management in this area, said her company is interested in learning more about the facility being built outside Milner.

“Waste Management is pleased to see additional options for full processing of single stream recyclables,” she said. “We will explore the opportunity to utilize the new MRF when it becomes operational.”

////Building the MRF//////

Liman said concrete footers for the new steel building that will house the MRF were poured in advance of this week’s snowstorm, raising the possibility it will be making test runs by late March. Steamboat resident Jeniere Yeats, who manages the Milner Mall (landfill), has been training at the Fremont County site.

Liman is realistic about the economic potential of the MRF at Milner.

“It would be terrific to cover our direct operating costs,” he said. “That would be a goal, but I’m not optimistic that’s going to happen any time soon. It’s going to take years of transition.”

To reach Tom Ross, call 970-871-4205, email tross@SteamboatToday.com or follow him on Twitter @ThomasSRoss1

Alpine Disposal Grows

NEW YORK, Jan. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Alcentra Capital Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select Market: “ABDC”) (“Alcentra”) announced today that Alcentra has provided $14.0 million in a Second Lien Term Loan commitment to Alpine Disposal, Inc. (“Alpine” or the “Company”), of which $9.0 million was initially funded. The investment would allow the Company to pay down a portion of its existing debt, and finance the purchase of new recycling equipment for its materials recycling facility (MRF).

Alpine is a Denver, Colorado-based waste management and recycling company, doing business as Alpine Waste & Recycling, and serving commercial and multitenant residential customers in the greater Denver area. Read the rest of this article »

Plastics Material Testing Bounce Belt


We had an opportunity to provide testing for a 2 plastics recycling companies that have locations throughout the United States.

Challenges: These two companies, with almost identical material streams, were having core contamination issues with labels and their PET mixing, thus reducing their quality to their customers. They also are having maintenance issues on their current processes and need to reduce overall downtime in their lines. Read the rest of this article »

Custom Business Signs


Karl W Schmidt & Associates is proud to announce our new internal capabilties for custom business signs.

With over 35 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, we are excited to offer the Denver, Colorado and local metro area an outlet to enhance their overall business presence.

Here is an example of a custom sign we did for a customer LDIS, LCC in Arvada, Colorado. The project was actually sold to a supplier of theirs. The company wanted to present this new sign to LDIS as gift of appreciate for the partnership.

If you have any new business requirements that need to be fabricated, laser cut, painted or any challenge that you want to send our way we would be happy to look at it. Read the rest of this article »

E-Waste Recycling

shutterstock_11574640Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, is Europe’s busiest port. It’s become the scene of a very 21st-century crime:  smuggling electronic waste illegally out of Europe and into poor countries. When Europe mandated e-waste recycling, only two or three million tons of waste was turned in, not the expected seven million tons. The missing e-waste was probably exported illegally.

It’s unfortunate, because it’s particularly important to properly recycle e-waste. E-waste contains dangerous chemicals like lead, beryllium, mercury, and cadmium. Improperly disposed of, these materials can seep into groundwater, contaminate the soil, and pollute the air. Read the rest of this article »

Action Environmental Group, Inc. Announces The Launch Of A State-Of-The-Art Optical Sorter Recycling Center

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Action Environmental Group, Inc. (www.actioncarting.com) will announce the opening of their new single-stream recycling center in the Bronx at NYC’s GoGreen conference on September 26th.  Equipped with an Optical Sorter, Action’s new recycling center will change the way New York City businesses recycle.

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