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Equipment Solutions For The Recycling Industry

Conveyor belts are some of the most used systems in many industries. Unfortunately, they consist of multiple moving parts that wear out over time. In addition, the machines often do a lot of work and heavy lifting, which is why they need proper maintenance to ensure they function at full capacity. Whether you are in single-stream recycling or own material handling systems, preventive maintenance will ensure that you remain productive and save time and money. Here are tips from our experts at Karl Schmidt Mfg. in Commerce City, CO, on when to replace the parts of your conveyor belt.

Replacing Parts for Your Conveyor Systems

Even with maintenance, some parts of conveyor systems must be replaced due to daily wear and tear. The most commonly replaced parts are bearings, motors, and drives.

At what point do these critical components need to be replaced? Below are a few pointers.

You will know you need to replace your conveyor parts when:

  • Productivity Rate Slows Down

When you realize that your company’s productivity rate has slowed down over time, it could be because some parts of the conveyor belt are no longer working efficiently. This would then be the perfect time to replace the parts for optimal productivity.

  • There Are Frequent Mechanical Issues

When you constantly repair a particular part of your conveyor machine, it could signify that that specific part needs to be replaced. Replacements will save you money and time spent on regular repairs that affect productivity.

  • The Parts Are Old

You should always replace your conveyor parts after a certain period, regardless of their current condition. This ensures worker’s safety and the proper functioning of the entire conveyor system. For example, depending on the industry you are in, it is wise to replace your conveyor belts every five to 10 years. For some enterprises, such as recycling companies, the period could be even shorter.


You need to maintain your machines properly and regularly replace worn-out parts to ensure your conveyor systems stay fully functional. If you need conveyor replacement parts, visit Karl Schmidt Mfg. Company located at Commerce City, CO, for high-quality spare parts. Our company provides quality conveyor systems for recycling companies, manufacturing, food industries, mining, and packing companies.