Replacement Parts for Conveyor Systems

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Not only will Karl Schmidt help you find the conveyor systems you need, but we also offer aftermarket replacement parts so you can keep your conveyor belts operating at their full capacity. From conveyor systems designed specifically for you to the wide variety of recyclable items, order replacement parts from Karl Schmidt Mfg today!

When you choose Karl Schmidt Mfg, you get:

  • Recycling solutions
  • Custom general fabrication to meet your needs
  • 3D engineering
  • Delivery, installation, and training
  • Replacement belts and parts for your conveyor systems
  • The ability to recycle a wide variety of materials

Replacement Parts For Conveyor Systems

Karl Schmidt Mfg is a full line manufacture for aftermarket products and service. We offer a wide variety of replacement pulleys, sprockets, bearings, motors and drives to replace core conveyor components.

Motors & Drives

We offer a variety of motors and drives for all types of conveyors. All our motors can be used with variable speed drives. Karl Schmidt Mfg’s drives are helical gearing for top performance ratings. Lead time is 2-4 weeks.


We offer a variety of bearings for head and tail shafts. We have the ability to replace and conveyor bearings. Lead time is typically 2-4 weeks.

Replacement Sprockets

We offer a variety of conveyor sprockets (bores & tooth designs) for chain based conveyors. They sprockets are flame cut and hardened steel. Lead times are typically 2-4 weeks.

About Us

For over 40 years Karl Schmidt’s Conveyor’s have provided the recycling industry with top-tier heavy duty conveyors via design, manufacturing and customer service. Now, Karl Schmidt Manufacturing continues the KWS legacy and we pride ourselves in doing what is always right for the customer. One of the most important aspects of having a thriving business is service.



Regardless if it’s a single slider bed conveyor, a small engineering services project, or a single stream MRF, the Karl Schmidt Mfg.’ outlook remains the same, “Do What is Right For the Customer” regardless of their purchase!



We have been engineering & manufacturing conveyors and related recycling equipment since 1978. We have installed thousands of Conveyors, a variety of dual stream systems and single stream recycling systems all over the United States as well as internationally around the World.