Dual-Stream Recycling

Equipment Solutions For The Recycling Industry

See if Dual-Stream Recycling Is Right for You

Dual-stream recycling keeps fiber (like paper and cardboard) separate from trash and other recyclable materials like plastic, glass, and cans. At Karl Schmidt Mfg, we can help you decide if a dual-stream recycling system is the best for you. We can also offer the state-of-the-art conveyor systems you need. Learn more about dual-stream recycling!

Dual-stream recycling can offer different benefits, such as:

  • Making it easier to recycling low-grade paper
  • Decreasing the chance of contamination for your recyclables
  • Lowering the processing cost of recyclables
  • Collecting a large variety of plastics to recycle Get conveyor systems from Karl Schmidt Mfg today!

Dual Stream Recycling

“What if there were something that could create 1.5 million new jobs, reduce carbon emissions equal to taking 50 million cars off the road, cut dependence on foreign oil, increase exports, save water, improve air quality and reduce toxic waste?” — The New York Times

Our company is dedicated to realizing the benefits of practices like recycling, and one of the most valuable forms of recycling is dual-stream. Keeping fiber and trash separate from glass, plastic and cans means that more material can be recovered and recycled at lesser cost.

If your municipality, institution, or recycling company is interested in establishing an efficient and environmentally sound dual-stream recycling system, we can provide you with state-of-the-art equipment. We can tailor your setup for the type of material you’re collecting and design a system for you that will ensure you get the maximum reusable material out of your recycling efforts. If you’d like to discuss what kind of recycling system would benefit you and what kind of solutions you need, contact us today for a free quote. Together maybe we can create jobs and reduce carbon emissions.

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We have been engineering & manufacturing conveyors and related recycling equipment since 1978. We have installed thousands of Conveyors, a variety of dual stream systems and single stream recycling systems all over the United States as well as internationally around the World.