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Recycling Conveyors

Recycling Conveyors

Types of Recycling Conveyors

At Karl Schmidt Mfg Inc., we understand the vital role that conveyors play in the recycling process. Our expertise has led us to develop a range of recycling conveyors designed to meet the diverse needs of this industry.

Belt Conveyors

Our belt conveyors are versatile and ideal for handling a wide variety of materials with ease. From paper and plastics to metals, these conveyors ensure a smooth and efficient flow of materials through the recycling process.

Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors are designed for the heavy-duty handling of materials. They are particularly useful for moving bulky or heavy materials that might be difficult to transport using other types of conveyors.

Sorting Conveyors

Sorting conveyors are an essential component of any recycling system, designed to efficiently separate and categorize materials for further processing. Our sorting conveyors are built to accommodate various sorting mechanisms, facilitating an organized and effective recycling operation.

Benefits of Recycling Conveyors

Recycling conveyors offer a myriad of benefits, pivotal to enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and minimizing the environmental impact of recycling operations.


Implementing the right conveyor system significantly boosts the efficiency of recycling processes by automating the movement of materials, reducing manual handling, and optimizing material flow.


By improving the speed and efficiency of recycling operations, our conveyors help reduce operational costs. They are designed for longevity and reliability, ensuring that your investment pays off in the long run.

Environmental impact

Our recycling conveyors are engineered with sustainability in mind. By streamlining recycling operations, they contribute to reducing the overall carbon footprint of recycling facilities.

Applications of Recycling Conveyors

Our conveyors are versatile and can be tailored to suit a variety of applications within the recycling industry.

Waste Management Facilities

At waste management facilities, our conveyors expedite the sorting and processing of waste materials, enhancing the facility’s overall efficiency and productivity.

Recycling Plants

In recycling plants, conveyors play a crucial role in transporting materials through various stages of recycling, from initial sorting to final baling.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities utilize our conveyors to handle scrap materials, ensuring that waste is efficiently recycled and reused in the production process.

Features to consider when choosing Recycling Conveyors

Selecting the appropriate conveyor system is crucial for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of recycling operations.

Conveyor belt material

The material of the conveyor belt is critical to its durability and suitability for handling different types of recyclable materials.

Conveyor speed

The speed at which the conveyor operates should be aligned with the needs of your recycling process to ensure optimal throughput without compromising material handling.

Size and capacity

The dimensions and load capacity of the conveyor must be adequate for the volume of materials your facility processes, ensuring a seamless material flow.

Maintenance tips for Recycling Conveyors

Maintaining your recycling conveyors is essential for ensuring their long-term reliability and efficiency.

Regular inspection

Conducting regular inspections helps identify and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the longevity of the conveyor.

Cleaning procedures

Regular cleaning of the conveyor system is crucial to prevent the buildup of materials that could hinder its performance.

Lubrication maintenance

Proper lubrication of moving parts ensures smooth operation and reduces wear and tear, extending the life of your recycling conveyors.

At Karl Schmidt Mfg Inc., we’re committed to enabling our clients to achieve efficient and sustainable recycling operations. Our extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing custom recycling systems guarantees that our clients receive the best solutions tailored to their unique needs. Contact us today to learn how our recycling conveyors can enhance your recycling processes.

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