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Equipment Solutions For The Recycling Industry

The Importance Of Material Handling Systems — Brought to You By Your Colorado Manufacturer

In a post-industrial world like the one we live in today, material handling systems have become an incredibly valuable tool within the realms of multiple industries. Not only do they make it easier for us to move and handle objects both too large and too small for manual manipulation, but they also help to do so in such a way that optimizes the time and effort that it takes to move the materials from point A to point B.

At Karl Schmidt Mfg, we manufacture material handling systems specifically for the recycling industry, an industry that is extremely lucrative and dependent on efficient operations. That being said, there are a number of different industries and applications that material handling systems can be used in — something that often makes material handling systems harder to define.

In today’s blog post, we will be discussing what material handling systems are, and more specifically, how material handling systems like our benefit industrial operations. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is A Material Handling System?

By definition, a material handling system is a mechanical system that facilitates the movement, protection, storage, and control of materials during all processes of a product or materials product life cycle. Essentially, material handling systems are used at the beginning and end of a product’s life in order to make the distribution or disposal of the product easier.

At Karl Schmidt Mfg, we have opted to focus the production of our material handling systems on the latter of the two product life cycle issues — disposal. Currently, there is a recycling epidemic, with products ranging from carpets to electronic waste and scrap metal being thrown away instead of being sorted and salvaged.

If you own a recycling facility or a business that specializes in the sorting, recycling, and proper disposal of waste products, we urge you to check out our assortment of recycling systems.

Our Material Handling Systems For Recycling

According to the United States Environmental Protection Service (EPA), a mere 25.8% of municipal solid waste (MSW) finds its way to a recycling operation, with the other 72.4% of consumerism byproduct going towards composting, combustion, and landfilling. To no surprise, most of that solid waste ends up in a landfill.

When it comes to the widespread issue of waste distribution, there are two primary reasons that recycling is not as efficient as it could be. One of the primary obstacles that recycling operations have is recycling education — or the lack thereof, that is. The second largest issue in regard to recycling efforts is convenience — something that our material handling systems are designed to optimize.

Our belt conveyors, chain conveyors, dumper systems, fluffer systems, and sorting systems are specially designed to aid single-stream and multi-stream recycling operations in making the recycling process more convenient and efficient. Below, we will briefly outline some of the key takeaways that are associated with each system.

Conveyor Systems

Our conveyor systems are meant to help recycling operations, just like yours, efficiently more recycling materials, sorted or unsorted, from point A to Point B in your facility. When properly manufactured and installed, two services that we have been providing in 32 countries for over 40 years, a conveyor system can drastically optimize the speed and efficiency of a recycling system.

To learn more about the conveyor systems that we offer, see the below links:

  • Drag Chain Belt Conveyors
  • Slider Bed Transfer Conveyors

Cart Dumper Systems

When you are running a recycling operation, it is critical that you have a heavy duty and dependable damper system for the movement and storage of materials within your facility. At Karl Schmidt Mfg, durable dumper systems are a tool that we pride ourselves on manufacturing.

To learn more about our various cart dumper models, click here.

Fluffer Systems

At Karl Schmidt Mfg, we manufacture durable and efficient fluffer systems that allow material handling companies like yours to receive paper and cardboard while also being able to act as a perforator for plastic container recyclables.

To learn more about our fluffer systems, click here.

Sorting Systems

When it comes down to it, material sorting systems are the most important part of any material handling operation. You need a system that can efficiently sort recyclable materials both large and small. For over 40 years, Karl Schmidt Mfg has provided countless operations with efficient material sorting systems. Let your operation be the next one.

To learn more about our material sorting systems, click here.

For Material Handling Systems, Think Karl Schmidt Mfg

We have provided countless recycling operations across the world with durable and efficient material handling systems for the last four decades. Recycling is a lucrative industry, you just need the right tools.

If you are interested in any of our material handling systems or having a custom system manufactured for your recycling operation, we urge you to contact us today!