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Equipment Solutions For The Recycling Industry

For years, Karl Schmidt Mfg. Inc. has been an industry leader in the production of industrial conveyor belts and material handling systems. Tackling issues in the recycling industry, food industry, manufacturing industry, and just about any other industry that needs items moved from point A to point B, our proven conveyor systems help companies just like yours optimize day-to-day operations and get the extra edge on their competition.

If you are interested in learning more about our industrial conveyor systems or any of our other material handling systems, we urge you to contact us today. We would love to discuss how one of our material handling systems could benefit your large-scale operations.

But what sets our material handling systems apart from the rest of the competition? Continue reading to learn why there is no conveyor system like a conveyor system from Karl Schmidt Mfg. Inc.

Why Choose Karl Schmidt Mfg. Inc.?

For over 35 years, Karl Schmid Mfg. Inc. has provided the recycling industry with high-quality industrial conveyor systems and unmatched customer services. In that time, we have manufactured and installed over 2,000 conveyor systems across the world — helping recycling operations operate more efficiently.

If you are looking for a high-quality conveyor system that will last your recycling operation for years to come, we urge you to consider working with our team. While our conveyors are similar in nature, we manufacture each system to address the unique needs of the operation that has enlisted our services. There simply isn’t another conveyor system manufacturer that will work harder for your business.

What Are The Benefits of Conveyor Systems?

If your recycling operation currently has a conveyor system, you likely know how much of an added benefit that they can provide to your organization. Rather than relying on human labor to move recyclables, conveyor systems allow for the movement of large amounts of recyclables with little to no effort. In short, a properly designed conveyor system will allow your employees to avoid burnout while maximizing the efficiency of your operation. Below, we have listed a few of the many benefits that our conveyor system can provide.

  • Conveyor systems with an incline can be used to move materials, both large and small, upward or downward from the main sorting line.
  • Conveyor systems can be used in countless ways to reduce the strain of loading, offloading, and carrying items.
  • Conveyors can be modified for use as a loading and unloading mechanism. In doing so, the need for labor and machinery becomes less necessary — saving your organization money.
  • The movement and speed of a conveyor system can be adjusted to meet the pace of any pre-existing infrastructure within your facility.

What Conveyor Systems Do We Manufacture?

After manufacturing material-handling systems for over three decades, you begin to learn what conveyor systems are benefiting your customers most. Because of this, we have refined our conveyor production to two main types of conveyors. In our experience, the two most efficient conveyor systems are drag chain belt conveyors and slider belt transfer conveyors. Learn more about each material handling system below.

Drag Chain Belt Conveyors

Drag chain belt conveyors are arguable one of the best material handling systems to use for moving bulk material from one point to another. That said, what makes drag chain conveyor systems so special is their ability to be modified to meet the unique needs of any organization. The design, layout, size, and power of a drag chain belt conveyor will influence the efficiency and longevity of the conveyor if manufactured correctly. To learn more about our DC131 Conveyor System, click here.

Slider Belt Transfer Conveyors

Slider belt transfer conveyors are designed to be an integral part of any recycling operation’s infrastructure. At Karl Schmidt Mfg. Inc., our slider belt transfer conveyors are specially designed to transfer, sort, separate, or load MSW, cardboard, comingles, and recyclable mixtures. Each slider belt can be custom made to fit and operate functionally within your operation. To learn more about our slider belt transfer conveyors, click here.

For Conveyor Systems That Work, Think Karl Schmidt Mfg. Inc.

At Karl Schmidt Mfg. Inc, it is our goal to provide international recycling organizations with high-quality material handling systems that they can trust — and we would love to manufacture one for your facility.

Offering comprehensive customer service, custom manufacturing, and laser-cut replacement parts should you ever need them, our goal is to help recycling operations increase the efficiency of their facilities and help them meet their goals.

If you believe that your facility could benefit from our innovative conveyor systems, cart dumper systems, fluffer systems, or sorting systems, we urge you to get in touch with a member of our team today. We would love to discuss your commercial recycling operation’s pain points and how our material handling systems could help.