Why KWS?

Why KWS?

Karl W. Schmidt & Associates, Inc. is a premier conveyor manufacturer, primarily in the recycling vertical. We offer fully integrated solutions for single stream recycling systems, dual stream recycling systems, e-waste recycling systems, MSW recycling systems, and more.

In addition to fully integrated solutions, we offer stand-alone products such as: eddy currents, electro magnets, bag openers, bale breakers, air classifiers, ballistic separators, bounce belts, cart dumpers, drum feeders, chain belt conveyors, roller chain belt conveyors, slider bed conveyors, fluffers, metering devices, glass breakers, trommels, sorting platforms, optical sorters, replacement conveyor belts and variety of additional recycling equipment.

Aside from recycling, we offer art to part capabilities for any conveyor solution, job shop fabrication & manufacturing, conveyor and system installation, contract engineering services, CNC laser cut parts and much more!

The Karl W. Schmidt & Associates conveyor and system solutions are used not only in the United States but all over the world. Listed are some areas where our equipment is being used:

New York City, New York
Single Stream System
Atlanta, Georgia
Single Stream Recycling System
San Rafael, California
MSW Recycling System
Dallas, Texas
Fiber & Container Sorting
Napier, New Zealand
Fiber & Container Sort Lines
Soel, South Korea
Semi-Automated Container Sorting
Mexico City, Mexico
Fiber Baling
Remscheid, Germany
Baler Feed Conveyors
Kenya, Africa
Fiber Sorting & Baling

Along with the areas above, we have equipment installed in Brazil, Canada, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and more!