Kubota Tractor Attachments

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The market offers you many tractor implements that you can buy, which have very different characteristics. Do you know them all? Do you know exactly what their most important functions are? It is necessary to be aware of those details before you go to a company that sells agricultural machinery.

That’s why at Heavy Hitch we offer you a list of the main tractor implements and Kubota tractor attachments. Ready to get started?


This is perhaps one of the first tools that come to mind when you think of agricultural tasks. It is one of the agricultural tractor implements that is used before sowing. Its main purpose is to remove the top soil in order to bring fresh nutrients to the surface.

Kubota Tractor Attachments


This is an implement composed of discs, which is responsible for the secondary preparation of the soil, which involves smoothing the surface and leaving the seedbed ready. Therefore, the soil is crushed and the surface obtained is smoother and more level.

3 point quick hitch tractor attachments

The three-point hitch is a type of hitch widely used for attaching implements and other implements to an agricultural or industrial tractor. The three points resemble a triangle, or a letter A. The three-point hitch is the simplest and the only statically fixed way to link two bodies in mechanics.


As we know, the soil tends to compact because of the weight of agricultural tractors and other heavy equipment, which makes farming work very difficult. The subsoiler allows you to loosen the soil to a very precise depth and access more fertile soil.


This is an implement that is coupled to the tractor in order to sow the seeds to be cultivated. These tools allow you to place the grains at a very precise depth and then take care of covering them properly.

In this way, you get the seeds evenly distributed. Today, models with more functions such as pneumatic seed drills allow you to make furrows in the soil previously worked with plows and add fertilizer to the process, as well as the ability to work in different terrains.

Forage harvester

This is a machine that is coupled parallel to the agricultural tractor. Its main function is to cut and harvest forage in the field. The implement is capable of chopping grass or other forage such as corn, which simplifies silage tasks. The result is better and faster feeding of livestock.

Agricultural balers

This is a machine that can be coupled to the tractor and is used to compress the cut and raked crop (such as rice, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, among others). As a result, bales of exact density and dimensions are obtained, which are easier to handle, transport and store. All this means a considerable saving in labor and a great reduction of losses.


This is an attachment that can expand the number of functions of your tractors. An auger allows you to dig holes in the ground to the depth and diameter you want. This is very useful when installing posts, fencing your work area, planting trees, working with vines, gardening, etc.

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Kubota Tractor Attachments