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Bridge Saw For Sale

The saw you choose makes a significant impact on the quality of your work. In addition, the configurations cut by the bridge saw determines what can be fed in the edging machine and other operations. Here are a few things to consider before you buy a bridge saw.

The Bridge and Beams

Consider a few things when shopping for a bridge saw machine for sale, including the bridge and beams’ stability and strength. A bridge saw features a cutting head on one of its ends. The beam and bridge need to be well built to cut through slabs accurately.

Granite is a tough material. A lot of pressure goes into cutting this material, especially when cutting a thick slab. This pressure usually builds up in the bridge and beams. The cut will not be accurate if the bridge and beams bow, bend, or give in. Always buy from bridge saw suppliers with beams made from cast iron and weighing up to two tons. Such a saw can withstand stress and provide an accurate cut.

Programmable Controller

This part automates the movement of the cutting head and the bridge. Be sure to choose a bridge saw with a user-friendly programmable controller. This guarantees efficient operation. The commonly used programmable controllers are the standard circuitry types made by many bridge saw manufacturers.

Most user-friendly saws have all the controls on the swinging pendant. Other saws put the functions on different parts of the saw. Having the controls in one area means that the operator does not need to walk around to switch the water, lift the table, set and lock the table, start the saw, or raise the saw head.

Oil Bath

Excellent beam and bridge construction ensures the saw’s durability and accuracy, and so does saw maintenance. It is vital to get a bridge saw with an oil bath. This reduces the wear and tear of the rollers and bearings. Bridge saw maintenance is critical, especially in a granite shop, with lots of moisture and dust. Many operators are usually concerned with production and may forget about bridge saw maintenance. Therefore, choosing a bridge saw with a self-maintaining feature like the oil bath is highly beneficial. If you are looking for used bridge saws for sale near me, consider finding one with an oil bath.

Water System

Bridge saws with automatic water valves save time. You do not need to move to a different location to turn the water on and off. When necessary, the water valve supplies water, which reduces the number of liters per minute the bridge saw uses.

Bridge saw water consumption increases with production. A closed water system provides great value for money, especially if you own a large or medium fabrication shop. Water that runs through the machines is recycled and used to keep the tools cool instead of going to the sewer. The water used in a dust booth can also be recycled. Apart from saving on water bills, an excellent bridge saw ensures the flow rate meets its demand.

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Bridge Saw For Sale

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