3 Ply Rubber Conveyor Belts

Product Description
Rubber 3 Ply (3 layers of synthetic materials and 4 layers of rubber that has a 330 PIW (pounds per inch width)). The belt splice/lacing is a metal hinge that is sized according to the belt width/thickness. There are cleat options available if there is an incline. This belting is typically used on slider bed conveyors.
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Paper, single stream, light metals, medium metals, light C&D, containers, plastics, aluminum, cardboard, newspaper and office paper.
Custom fit to each conveyor.
Custom fit to each conveyor.
Load Capacities
Depends on the customer and the material composition.
Package Size
Typical shipment is 1 semi-trailer(s).
Install Tools Needed
Heavy duty reach forklift, welding machine, rotary hammer, cables, ratchet puller and basic hand tools.
Typical Install Time
1-4 days depending on the size and experience of the install crew.