Product Description

The magnets we sell are typically referred to as “suspension” magnets. These magnets are at a fixed distance above our conveyor belts. As material is being conveyed, the ferrous materials are removed from the stream with the magnetic force and place in a bin or onto another conveyor.

Product Video
Mining, bulk materials handling, port loading, scrap metal and waste recycling
How It Works

The in-feed stream of the material on a conveyor approaches the magnet. Once the magnetic force is high enough to attract the ferrous materials in the stream, the material is removed from the stream onto the magnet. This magnet has a rotating conveyor, directing the ferrous material into a bin or recovery container.

  • Remove ferrous metal from the stream to increase the life of conveyors, chutes and any other equipment that may be damaged.
  • Reduction of manual labor
  • Resell value of the steel
  • Self Cleaning
Tonnage Per Hour
Base on magnet size
Factor of Safety
OSHA Compliant
Sizing of a magnet has many factors that change the dimensions. Karl W. Schmidt & Associates has a team that would be glad to help size the appropriate magnet for your needs.
Lead Time
12-18 weeks depending on work load