Drag Chain Belt Conveyors

Product Description

Standard Drag Chain Conveyors ship with two e-stop buttons and protective guards up to 8 feet above the ground. Conveyors use a shaft mounted, inverted rated motor and gear reducer. Conveyors are designed to run at a nominal speed of 40 FPM, unless otherwise noted. Conveyors include adjustable supports even if they are not visible on the preliminary drawing(s).

Drag Chain conveyors are typically used for garbage, MSW, cardboard, old corrugated containers (OCC), old newspapers (ONP), mixed paper (MP), PET, HPDE, plastics 3-7, tin, aluminum and more

Heavy duty, flat loading section capabilities of variable lengths.

Tonnage Per Hour
Custom per application and requirements.
Custom Made Per Each Application
Lead Time
10-12 Weeks Depending on Current Workload
Open style frame for ease of maintenance. Jig welded for accuracy and cross braced for extra strength. All frames come with supports to floor with 6 inch nominal adjustment range.
1/4 inch thick angle for both drive and return track under a 1/2 inch thick UHMW plastics drag surface.
1/8 inch sheet side skirts for the entire length of the conveyor with reinforcement every 30 inch along the lower horizontal and 60 inch along the incline and upper horizontal. Lower horizontal load depth will be 12 inch (304.8mm) and the upper horizontal will be 36 inch (914.4mm) unless otherwise specified.
Chain is 3.075 inch pitch with 1- 1/16 inch diameter barrel, 1/4 inch x 1-1/4 inch side bars, and 9/16 inch diameter heat treated pins with hardened bushings.
Belt is constructed of 3 ply rubber (unless otherwise noted) with 2 inch and 3 inch tube cleats on 48 foot; centers. Nominal belt speed to be 40 FPM (unless noted otherwise).
Belt Support
Belt is supported by steel I-Beam topped under a 1/2 inch thick UHMW plastic drag surfaced spaced no less than 8 inch across the width of the belt. Belt impact shoes welded onto a steel bar on every other pitch.
Drive sprockets are flame cut hardened steel 12 tooth - 12 inch pitch with times keyways. Idler sprockets are cast hardened steel 12 tooth - 12 inch pitch, one with a timed keyway and one with a grease-able bronze bushing.
7.5 HP gearmotor/reducer is TEFC 230/460 volts, 3 phase, 60Hz with a minimum 1.5 S.F. Comes with a torque arm and factory filled with oil.
Safety equipment includes: a set of backstops to prevent roll-back in case of power failure, side and bottom guarding up to 8 feet (2,438.4mm) from grade, and one set (2) E-Stop push buttons.
Prep and paint finish will be industrial enamel to a minimum of 2.5 mils DFT, colored AMBACO Blue. Other colors are available upon request.