Bag Openers

Product Description

The machine is designed as a rigid tubular framed and sheet metal profile construction encased in a protective covering. The unique features of this machine provide hard wear and durability against dirt, blockages and material entanglement. The clearing between the lower edge of the substructure and the upper edge of the discharge conveyor must not drop below 600 mm.

MSW mining is the typical usage. Can also be used for any other bag-opening requirement.
How It Works

The operator fills the bins up with bags. The floor within the bag opener has a moving floor that moves the material forward towards the opening assembly. The opening assembly is engineered in with a star type assembly.

All rotating elements are furnished with heavy duty, lubricable, encapsulated roller bearings. In order to attain an optimal opening and discharging capacity, the material passage is variable. This function adjusts itself automatically to different degrees of sack admission, to large volume and solid disruptive material and to the changing forms of material input. The clamping arms are pressed against the ripping drums by means of hydraulic cylinders with adjustable pressure.

The hydraulic motors of the ripping drum as well as the hydraulic cylinders of the clamping arms are connected to the hydraulic unit of the Bag Opener. The hydraulic unit has a frequency controlled double gear pump for adjusting the amount of processed material. The hydraulic drive also contains connecting tubes, electromagnetically operated solenoid control valves, control and safety valves, oil filter, oil tank, etc. This unit is delivered complete and fully operative. Oil heating or oil cooler however are not included and have to be added individually as additional equipment.

  • Virtually 100% opening and emptying of the plastic bags
  • High opening rate of “bags within bags”
  • Suitable for a wide range of material, e.g. light weight packaging material, bio waste, residual waste
  • Overload protection, integrated function and blockage system
  • Infinitely adjustable throughput rate
  • Loosened up and evened out material supply to the sorting process
  • Low servicing and maintenance requirements
  • Safe tangling protection against strings, wires and foils
  • Large storage
Tonnage Per Hour
The quoted performances rates are to be understood for mixed input material, consisting of loose materials and of materials packed into bags, the weight part of the quantities packed in the bags is approx. 50 %.
Factor of Safety
OSHA Compliant
Lead Time
Depends on the work load with our team. We will include lead times in the quote.
For the above mentioned throughput rate amounts to 95 %. A bag is accepted as being opened, when it is emptied into the following drum sift or when it shows at least one cut or tear by which an opening is made, which corresponds at least to the filling opening of the bag.