Back Scraping Drums

Product Description

Karl W Schmidt & Associates drum feeders uses 3/16″ inch steel for the main cylinder and 1/2″ steel for the cleats. The drum resides on a steel adjustable frame which allows on the fly adjustments to the metered amount of material.

Optimize the amount of material fed into a system to ensure output is maximized. Typical metered materials include garbage, MSW, cardboard, old corrugated containers (OCC), old newspapers (ONP), mixed paper (MP), PET, HPDE, plastics 3-7, tin, aluminum and more
How It Works

Back scraping drums, also known as metering wheels, reside within the initial part of a system. As material is loaded into a system, the drum moves in the opposite direction of the conveyor, metering material. As the material hits the wheel, the cleating of the drum moves the material back onto the conveyor and allows only material that fits below the cleating to move onward into the system.

  • Regulation of in-feed material to optimize system
  • Cost effective
  • Durable
Tonnage Per Hour
Custom per application and requirements.
Factor of Safety
OSHA Compliant
Custom Made Per Each Application
Lead Time
10-12 Weeks Depending on Current Workload
3/16" tube steel with a 6 inch diameter
OSHA Compliant
98% +
Motors, bearings, cylinder seal replacement when needed.
Electrical Requirements
230 - 460V (60Hz)