Air Classifiers

Product Description

The Karl W Schmidt & Associates air classifier assembly consists of a main air plenum, 1/8 inch steel support frame assembly, fan drive assembly, cross-belt take-away sliderbed conveyor, and a belt vibrator bar assembly which is located on the main transfer sliderbed conveyor. All moving components have OSHA guards for safety.

Separating glass vs non glass containers and ultra-light materials.
How It Works

Product enters the air classifier in the main transfer SB conveyor. The air classifier automatically separates the products into 3 different fractions: Heavies (whole and broken glass), lights (aluminum and plastics), and paper, film, and dust. The heavy fraction continues on the main transfer conveyor for further separation downstream; the light fraction is deposited onto the cross-belt take-away conveyor for further separation downstream; and the paper and film fraction is blown through the vacuum fan to a bin or container for disposal.


Reduced manual sorting and cleaner glass separation.

Tonnage Per Hour
5-15 TPH (depending on system/sizing).
Factor of Safety
OSHA Compliant
Drawing will be provided based on each customer.
Lead Time
Depends on the work load with our team. We will include lead times in the quote.
1/8 Inch Steel